O hey, theres the pyramids!

I know I am posting a lot, but this is a better way to put off studying than staring at the ceiling, so deal with it! PLUS, I went to the pyramids today, so I have bunches of fun new pictures!! One of the weirdest things about the pyramids is that they are super close to the city of Cairo, so as you are driving, you come out of the shadow of buildings and suddenly the pyramids are right in your face. It is pretty exciting to suddenly see these towering landmarks without quite expecting it. Another fun fact: The pyramids are the oldest of the wonders of the ancient world, and are the only ones that are still standing.

This is me touching the great pyramid! You can walk up and touch them, no probs. Apparently you used to be able to climb up them, but they had to stop allowing that because people were killing themselves or something, I don’t know.

And this is the zoomed out view, with all three of the great pyramids in view. This was taken from a distance away, and I don’t really know what my hair is doing. Because of all the problems in Egypt, tourism is extremely light, and my program director said this was the emptiest that he has ever seen the area. While this was good for taking pictures, it also means that the dozens of Egyptians who sit around peddling cheap souvenirs have less people to target. They are very persistent, and to a point, aggressive, and will follow you for a while, and at times put some of their wares in your hands and say they are a gift, but then will make you pay for it. Honestly, the best way to deal with it is to just put whatever they give you on the ground and walk away, and then resolutely ignore them. There are also bunches of people who walk around with camels and try to convince you to take a picture of the camel, then charge you money. It’s really annoying, and I set it as a personal principal that I will never buy anything from anyone who gets up in my face trying to sell me something.

I even stooped so low as to take a cheesy forced perspective photo… don’t judge me

And then we went for a camel ride from the plateau across the desert to the causeway where the Sphinx is. I know people say that camels are mean and smelly and uncomfortable, but I had a really good time. They are really tall animals and after getting up is a pretty fun experience, and then you are just strolling across the dunes of Egypt. Unfortunately this picture doesn’t capture the beauty of my camel, but I can tell you that he/she was quite awesome. Even though he/she did attack the coverings of one of the other camels. Whatevs, I had a bad ass camel with tattoos…

And the last thing we got to see was the Sphinx, which unfortunately you can’t really get a view from the front. The big thing here is pictures that look like you are kissing the Sphinx, and it is really amusing watching people trying to set up some of these photos. Some of the Egyptians who were hanging around were really in your face about helping to set up pictures, and even would walk up and grab peoples’ faces or cameras to try to show how to take the picture.

Ok, now I can check one thing off my bucket list, and it was an awesome day! Really tiring, but we had awesome weather and it was a almost surreal experience seeing the structures that I have been hearing about my entire life. Classes start tomorrow, so hopefully this little adventure will keep me going through the jarring crash into school life.

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2 thoughts on “O hey, theres the pyramids!

  1. Cindy Bond

    Eric … awesome pictures! I am so jealous. Keep safe and keep posting!

    Cindy B.

  2. Tammy

    The forced perspective photo was funny! I was in Pisa, Italy a couple of years ago… we were warned of the agressive ‘vendors’ there that try to sell you stuff. We were told to not even make eye contact with them.
    What is the weather like? Is it hot?

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