“Pictures are good”~Autumn Lemke-Rochon

I realized that I don’t have a lot of pictures, cause I don’t really like walking around looking like a complete tourist. So here is some stuff I have taken so far, it shows a little bit of the giant city.

This is a panorama I took alongside the Nile during a walk this morning. Because the city is 90% Muslim, the whole place is pretty much dead before noon prayer on Friday, their holy day. We did still have plenty of people badgering us to pay for a ride on a boat. The tower to the right side is called Cairo Tower; it is one of the cooler buildings here, and apparently has lots of different stories behind its construction. The one we got from a taxi driver was that it was built with money taken from captured British spies.

This is part of the view from our balcony. You can see the crazy traffic from there, as well as an awesome view of the Nile and the nicer part of Cairo.

This is another pic of the pyramids; I think this one has a nice showing of how the pyramids are visible even from the heart of the crowded city. This one is taken from the girls’ balcony, which is one floor higher and has a slightly better view.

O yeah, i will be going to see the pyramids tomorrow!!!!!

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